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Cerakote Price List

We have a $50 minimum.

We do try to stock a variety of different Cerakote colors, but we cannot keep every color they make in stock (over 100 now), so a $25 surcharge will be added for Cerakote colors that we do not normally keep in stock.

Please note that a Disassembly/Reassembly charge is added on top of the coating cost. It ranges between $25-$75 depending on the gun and difficulty. If you choose to disassemble/reassemble your firearm on your own, please remember that every single pin, spring, etc. has to be removed before coating.


Frame Only - $75
Slide Only - $75
Complete Handgun - $150
Pistol Magazines - $15ea. *Must be one of the colors on the gun*
Pistol Magazines - Separate Color - $20ea.
Surcharge for additional colors - $25 each color

AR Type Rifle & Shotgun

Complete AR (Upper & Lower, Barrel, Handguard) - $210
Shotgun Metal Only (Barrel, Action, Magazine Tube) - $165
AR Upper & Lower Only - $125
Upper OR Lower Only - $65
Upper, Lower & Handrail Only - $175
Handrail Only - $75
Barrel - $70
Stock - $50-$75 (depending on type of stock)
Magazines - $20ea. (Minimum of 3)
Surcharge for additional colors - $25 each color

Bolt Action Rifle

Remington 700 & Similar - $195
All Metal Including Bolt - $175
Barreled Action Only - $125
Stock Only - $100 *Additional charge for Tactical/Adjustable Stocks
Bolt to Match - $35
Surcharge for additional colors - $25 each color

**Contact us if you want a large rifle coated (50 BMG, .338 Lapua etc.)**

Keep in mind that this is a simplified price list, contact us if you wish to do a camouflage or themed type Cerakote job, optics, knives, suppressors, etc. so we can discuss a price. There are additional charges for each color added, stencil work, etc. We are able to cut stencils in house, so if you want it we can probably make it happen!

This price list is subject to change at any time without updating it on the website.