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PLEASE Call or E-Mail us prior to shipping to discuss your project/get a price. 

Below are some instructions on how to ship your firearm(s) to us. 

Be sure to print off a copy of our FFL (link at bottom of page) to include in your shipment, as well as a Work Order form (link at bottom of page), filled out completely on all applicable areas.  BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE, and include any pictures, etc. on what all you want done to the firearm, or individual parts.  This will only speed up the process, which means you get your firearm back in a shorter amount of time. 

We will contact you prior to starting your project to confirm everything you wrote down on the work order form.  

Package your firearm in a discreet box, being sure to include our FFL and your Work Order form - as well as a Certified Money Order or Cashier's Check.  We can also process payments over the phone via Credit/Debit Card (3% fee). 

Be sure to include a return shipping label with your shipment, or we will have to charge you for shipping as well.  

We prefer UPS, but FedEx is acceptable also. Whatever you do, DO NOT even think about shipping a handgun via USPS.  

DO NOT SHIP LOADED FIREARMS OR MAGAZINES! Be sure to follow all Federal, State and Local laws.  

If we receive a firearm that is deemed unsafe to use upon arrival at the shop, we WILL NOT ship the firearm back to you or do any coating until the part(s) that are unsafe are replaced. 

If we receive a firearm that has an altered/obliterated serial number, we WILL contact local law enforcement as well at the BATFE. 

You do not have to ship from an FFL---As long as you are the one the firearm will be shipped back to, at the same address it was shipped from.